Do you love to listen to music? Well, who does not? Music is regarded as the grounded route to inspiration, motivation, relaxation and more. This is probably one reason why every individual – young and old, resort to listening to their favorite music in times of love, happiness, sadness, remembrance and more. Music is one way to capture one’s heart and mind instantly. This is where music videos started becoming very popular in the countries across the world.

Music videos became the means of promoting songs or albums or the artists performing the songs which tremendously worked by increasing the sales during the late 50s and early 60s. They were played on some of the popular television shows. Music videos reached the heights of popularity when the first ever music channel MTV dedicated to music came into existence in the 80s. And today MTV is just one of the channels amidst the many music channels. There are various genres of music videos like narration, performance, cameo, parody, homage, etc and each of us has a liking to some or the other genre. You may like dance videos or classic ballads or you may want to watch different kinds of music videos depending n your mood. You can watch the music video close to your heart associated with fond memories during your teens.

You tube the popular video sharing sites has all kinds of videos which makes it a rich storehouse of music videos

It is really amazing to see all kinds of music videos on You Tube right from the old classics to the recent releases. It is very rare or impossible to get a ‘No results found’ page when you are searching for videos. Not just music videos but full movies, short clips from movies, chat shows, concerts, sports clips, everything is available. And the best part about all this is that it is for free. You can watch videos as many times as you please. However, not everyone has the time to spend in searching for their favorite videos each time he or she desires to listen to music. Though there are several playlists that one can make, internet plays a major role here. This is where one tends to look for other ways to listen to music without any hassles.

And if you want to download the music video in the form of mp3 you can do it for free if the material is not protected by copyrights.

Now you can not only download the mp3 version of the music video but also download the music video on your computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone by using the free software for instance the You Tube downloader which allows you to download the videos on your computers or smart phones. These software apps compatible for smart phones are also available which allows access to music videos on the go.

Now there are many free videos sharing sites that make watching videos possible and for free. Internet has really changed the way of life where it has taken information, communication, education and entertainment to an all new different level. And the ability to watch music video is just an example of it. Song clips or videos are no longer limited to television and music channels you can watch it on the go if you have internet connectivity.

Download unlimited music to create your personal collection of your favorite numbers; the www provides access to old classics and the latest new releases

Download music on your PC, laptop, iPhone, and iPods from online music stores like iTunes

Most of the music available online is free and such songs can be downloaded or converted to mp3 format for free if they are not protected by copyrights. However downloading such songs by paying a small fee is possible where the recording company’s site allows you to download it by paying a fee which is much lesser when compared to that of buying a CD. Many artists also have their own official sites from where you can pay and download. When compared to buying a CD by spending huge bucks for just one or two songs that you like paying a little amount for only the songs that you like is a better option, isn’t it?

The ability to download music and videos and enjoying it whenever you want to on the go is sheer magic and a simple task which takes a few minutes. It saves you both money and fuel which you otherwise spend on hunting for music from shop to shop. Visit for knowledge and info.