Those of you who all are aware of the most renowned Android application TubeMate will know that there are no alternative or software developed so far by TubeMate for PC. However, people are still using this application on their desktops and laptops. So, if you are wondering how these people are using an Android application on PC then you probably have landed on the perfect place to look for the answers.

Again, those of you who all are confused about what this article is all about then worry no more. If you love spending most of your time on YouTube and wish to download your favorite videos then stay tuned with us.

This article will definitely prove helpful for many of you for rest of your lives. Just make sure to go through the content at least for once.


TubeMate is one of those applications that allow a user to download videos from YouTube without any efforts. Although there is numerous numbers of similar applications available online no application offers services as great as TubeMate. TubeMate for PC enables a person to download any videos from the web with great convenience. It is also by far the best application developed till date.


The fact that TubeMate is so widely popular that most of the users seek to download videos with this application. Once you install this application on your PC, you will find that it is relatively much easier to use as compare to any other application available online. Not only you will be able to download videos of your own choice but at the same time, you will get to do so in different file format.

Say, you say a great music video and want to just download the music, not the video itself. Well, TubeMate for PC Windows 8  provides you with such opportunity to extract music from a video. Basically, all the file formats that are available like MP4, MP3 and FLV etc. you will get to download it any given formats.


Here are some of the features that you will get if you wish to install the application on your PC:

  • It is convenient and easy to use.
  • It offers different screen resolutions like 360kbps, 720kbps, HD or UltraHD to watch and download videos.
  • You can pause or resume your download anytime you want without facing any kind of trouble.
  • As a matter of fact, it also provides scope to download broken videos.
  • It offers fast download through multiple connections.
  • Last but not the least, it is completely free to use.


Now, if you are really looking forward to getting this application on your PC, you will just need to follow some steps to do so. But before we begin, there is one thing that you need to know. Since TubeMate is an Android application hence you will need to get BlueStack on your PC before you download the application. The software enables to install and run an android application on PC without any efforts. Once, you have BlueStack on your PC, your work is done. Now you just need the TubeMate APK that you will easily get from the official web page of TUBEMATE and install on your PC.